Read for Reconciliation

The Saskatoon community is coming together to respond to the Truth & Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action. #ReconciliationSK

How can you respond? #Read4Reconciliation‬

 Reading List 

Read for Reconciliation represents some of the books in our ever-growing collection on the history and legacy of residential schools in Canada.

Download the reading list or pick one up at your nearest SPL location, or you can search our catalogue for these and other materials using a term such as “residential schools.”

Reconciliation in Saskatchewan is each citizen of the province taking personal responsibility to do what they can to create an interdependent and fair society where:

  • Indigenous cultures, languages, ways of knowing and governance structures are strong and sovereign, while also included in and contributing to the overall fabric of Saskatchewan life;

  • We share a common understanding of Saskatchewan’s history, and our personal place within it;

  • Justice for past wrongs has been achieved, and families and communities are strong and healing;

  • Safe spaces exist and skills are developed for mutual learning, communication across cultures, trust building, partnerships, and shared social experiences;

  • We all enjoy a high quality of life, and full participation in the economy;

  • Governance at all levels, including institutions of education, health, justice, economy and social services, represent and benefit from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous leadership, values, history and ways of knowing.