RPG in a Bag

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at role-playing games (RPGs) but didn't know where to start?

You can now check out RPGs in a bag and request them through our online catalogue!

SPL currently has three different kits: a Pathfinder kit and two different Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) kits. The different D&D kits have the same handbooks but different adventure books, allowing you to play a different campaign. 

View RPG kits in the catalogue

Every journey begins by assembling your supplies and teammates. You get the team together, and we'll provide you with the supplies! Everything you need for your first campaign is here in our SPL game kit, which includes: 

  • Guidebooks and/or manuals
  • Six sets of dice
  • Screen for the gamemaster

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do holds work for RPG in a Bag? 
Holds on RPG kits work like holds on any other items in our catalogue. When you have an active hold on a kit, it will be set aside for you once you are the first patron on the hold list and the kit becomes available. You will receive a notification when the kit is ready to be picked up and you will have seven days to pick it up.

2. How long can I borrow these kits for? Can they be renewed?
You will then be able to borrow it for 42 days (six weeks). You will be able to renew the kit only if there are no other holds waiting.

3. Where are the character sheets?
- If you would like to use character sheets for D&D they can be found here.
- If you would like to use character sheets for Pathfinder they can be found here.

4. How do I return RPG kits?
Kits must be returned to the service desk in the library.

5. What if I return a RPG kit late?
Overdue fines of $3 a day will be charged. Kits must be returned in full, with the bag and all materials. 

6. Can non-SPL cardholders borrow these RPG kits?
No, patrons will need a valid SPL card to place a hold on and borrow these kits. The kits can also only be picked up and returned at any SPL location.