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May 28, 2018

The restructure is complete

Today, we announced the final processes for moving existing employees into the new organizational structure. The new structure will take effect on July 16, 2018.

Approximately 40% of our current employees will be changing positions as a result of this process. While a small number of appointments are outstanding, the results of employee appointments made to date are:

  • 61% will experience a wage increase
  • 10% will experience no change in their wage
  • 29% will experience a wage decrease

Our leadership made a commitment to review possible wage-loss strategies once the final costs of the new structure were in. Honouring that commitment, we will be providing wage-loss protection. Employees who experience a net reduction in yearly pay due to a change in pay band as a result of the restructuring will receive pay at the rate of their current permanent position until July 15, 2021.

The total increase in wages of unionized employees impacted by the transition is $345,000. Accounting for wage loss (and before wage-loss strategies are factored in), the net increase in wages in $88,000. The total increase in wages is expected to increase as the outstanding appointments of employees to the new structure are made.

For those changing positions in the new structure, 79% of employees retained their previous full-time or part-time status, 9% increased to full-time status and 6% of employees who didn’t hold permanent roles gained permanent part-time employment. Also, three employees were hired into new librarian positions, and all existing librarians retained full-time librarian positions, bringing the total to 25 — the most librarians at SPL in recent history.

Library service associates support librarians in the new structure. The qualification for these roles has changed from an undergraduate university degree in any field of study to library technicians (professionals with a two-year diploma in library information technology). A comprehensive employer-funded training program will support existing employees who do not have the library technician qualification.

SPL’s Board has approved an external pay equity review for the organization, which is planned to begin in 2020.

The SPL Board will host a public discussion about changes at SPL from 7-8pm on Wednesday, June 20 at Frances Morrison Public Library.