Going to the Oscars

Are you watching the Academy Awards this year? 

We definitely are. Check out our recommendations, learn about the stories behind the scenes and listen to the best soundtracks before and after the winners are announced. 


Poster  book cover
Movie: Hidden Figures
Our Pick: The film about three women who made unrecognized contributions to NASA work is based on a great book, also available as an audiobook free download.


Poster  Book cover
Movie: I Am Not Your Negro
Our Pick: Although this documentary film is based on an unfinished manuscript by James Baldwin, his other published works are just as powerful. We suggest Notes of a Native Son as a starting point


Poster  Book cover
Movie: Life, Animated
Our Pick: The book that the screenplay is adapted from, written by Ron Suskind about his son Owen, won the Pullitzer Prize. A moving story about the relationship between a father and son, this is definitely worth a read. 


Fantastic Beasts movie poster  Book cover
Movie: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Our Pick: The original book, published in 2001 is written as a guide from the point of view of Newt Scamander. Now that the movie is released, you can also check out the original screenplay for more behind the scenes story-telling. 


  CD cover
Movie: La La Land
Our Pick: The soundtrack to this original movie musical captures all of the fun and magic of the film. Download or borrow it with your library card and you will be dancing with light posts and in the middle of traffic jams. 


Poster  CD cover
Movie: Arrival
Our Pick: The emotional and atmospheric soundtrack by Johann Johannsson captures the mood of this film perfectly. The music draws you into the story as much as the film does.