Before You Throw It Out

Before you throw it out, ask yourself:
  • Does this item have historical significance in Saskatoon or Saskatchewan? 
  • Is it in good condition, free of mould and bed bugs? 
  • Is it a print or paper item, of a personal nature? Rather than business records or an artefact? 

If you answered "Yes" to these questions, you may wish to consider making a donation to SPL's Local History department. We accept photographs, albums, scrapbooks, pamphlets, manuscripts, maps, posters, yearbooks and periodicals, history books, sound recordings, recorded oral histories and miscellaneous ephemera such as handbills, concert tickets, receipts and certificates. 

SPL retains the ability to curate the Local History collection, and donated items may be offered to other organizations if we cannot include them in our archive. Although we may have artefacts and business records as part of the collection, we may not accept them as donations. 

B-5582 Saskatoon landfill, ca 1960