The Great Saskateen Book Trailer Contest

 The Winners

The Results Are In! Check out the 2017 Winning Book Trailers!

First Place: Deathlands: Cold Assylum - James Axler
Second Place: Orlando - Virginia Woolf
Third Place: Nerve - Jeanne Ryan

Visit our YouTube page to see more examples.

The Contest

What’s a Book Trailer?

It’s a movie trailer for your favourite book. Books do not have movie footage, so you have to create the visual content yourself! This may mean acting out a scene or scenes, showing who the characters are, explaining the plot.

What To Do

  • Enter between Mar 1 and Mar 31, 2017
  • Great Prizes to be won, including the grand prize, worth $200.00
  • Winners will be announced at our gala Apr 11, 2017
  • You can use an image of the book, and any other images or music that is properly cited. See the Submission Guide for more info.

What are we looking for? 


Teens who craft their own, unique booktrailer score higher than entries with text and images inserted into a template

Visual Quality

Does it look original and memorable? Are the titles interesting and dynamic? How smooth are the transitions between scenes? 

Pace and Drama

Does your booktrailer hold our attention? Does it hold our interest throughout?

Sound and Music

Did you make use of effects? Is the music well-suited to the content of the book you are showing? 

What You Need For Your Book Trailer (Submission Guide)

Enter Here! (Online Submission Form)