Mobile Device Charging and Storage Lockers

There are 8 self-charging lockers available at both Frances Morrison Central Library at Library on 20th Street

By using our lockers you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • Each locker has an 8x Micro USB (non apple devices) and an 8x Apple Lightning (iPhone 5 & newer) plug inside and are suitable for mobile phones only, not laptops or tablets.
  • SPL does not provide additional charging cables, if your device does not fit the cables provided, you must bring your own.
  • The Charging Lockers are available free of charge to any SPL user whether or not they possess a library card.
  • Lockers are available for use during regular opening hours.
  • There is no limit to the number of time that you can access the Locker while you’re charging your device.
  • Library materials MUST NOT be placed in the Lockers.
  • No food or perishable items may be placed in the Lockers.
  • No illegal substances may be placed in the Lockers. Security and/or library staff will report such materials to Saskatoon Police Services.
  • Small personal items such as keys and wallets maybe left in the lockers only if accompanied with a device that is charging.
  • Library and security staff will carry out spot-checks for unacceptable contents and inappropriate use on a regular basis. Inappropriate materials will be removed from the lockers.
  • The Library will not accept any liability for lost, damaged or stolen items, however caused.
  • Misuse or physical damage of the lockers may lead to disciplinary action and suspension from using SPL materials and space.