COVID-19 Archive

Saskatoon Public Library’s Local History Room wants to hear about your experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Send us your photos, videos, audio recordings, written thoughts, diaries, memes, drawings, or anything else that reflects your individual experience of this time. These materials will be stored and help create a permanent record of what life was like in our city during the pandemic.

This project complements other community archiving projects being undertaken by the University of Saskatchewan and the Western Development Museum.

You can send us your contributions in one of two ways:

1. Submit using our webform


2. Fill out the PDF form below and send it, along with your materials, to [email protected]


Sketchbook Archive Project

The Saskatoon Public Library wants to see your artistry, as a unique addition to the Local History Room COVID-19 Archive. 

Free sketchbooks will be available at various locations around the city. Email [email protected] if you wish to obtain a free sketchbook. Or, if you wish to use a sketchbook already in your possession, go right ahead!

Sketch your feelings, thoughts or anything else related to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you'd like to contribute your drawings and writings to SPL's COVID-19 Sketchbook Archive, return your completed sketchbook at any SPL location via the books drops once these reopen (check our website and social media channels for information as it becomes available).

The sketchbooks will become a unique addition to Saskatoon Public Library’s collection, stored and maintained in our Local History Room, capturing the many experiences of this historical moment in our community. We ask that all sketchbooks returned to the library as a contribution to the Local History Room include a completed Local History submission form


Click the buttons below to view current submissions to the COVID-19 Archive, by category. Please note, views expressed in these submissions are not those of the SPL, but of individual contributors. 

Personal stories from local individuals about their COVID-19 experiences.

Photographs of Saskatoon during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Materials showcasing how local businesses and organizations adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Broader reflections on COVID-19 and what it means for Saskatoon, society, and the world.

There are many ways individuals are coping with the pressures of the pandemic, including humour.


Contributor: Margaret Corbett 

Description: A couple of weeks ago I was invited to write 200 words about my experience with COVID-19 for Politiken, a Danish newspaper that is collecting stories from all over the world. I find it fascinating to read these vignettes and to realize how much we all have in common.

Margaret Corbett's Vignette

Creator: Yonina Rollack

Description: I made this short comic for an illustration exchange I was a part of during the first week of isolation so I thought I'd share it for the archive!

Yonina Rollack's Cartoon

Contributor: Anonymous

Description: These are photos from our community of Stonebridge, Saskatoon. Our retirement is the best-case scenario for our grandchildren whose parents are frontline workers, and so we have become the caregivers. Yes, I know some people would say that is a risky venture, however the other option of daycare was no longer available and the special Day Cares for Frontline Workers is too risky, in our opinion. So our days are filled with a 3 and a 1 year old. These photos are taken along our daily balance bike/wagon walks. The saddest thing is when we walk by the playground, the three year old asked, "Why can't we play on the playground? Is it because of the virus?" But like the rainbows in the windows there is a silver lining and it is the joy in giving them our undivided attention. It's been 5 weeks of 10 hour a day caregiving and we're in our late 60s so it keeps us active and on the ball!

Photos from Stonebridge

Contributor: Katie Edwards

Description: Some of my favourite quarantine memes for the Archive . . . a very accurate representation of my mood.