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Heather Woytowich | Buried and Ascended

Take a tour of the Virtual Gallery to view the latest exhibit by Heather Woytowich.

Artist’s exhibition statement

This exhibit features a collection of ink and graphite works that highlight the small lives that surround us, and the sacred parts of nature and mortality we often wander by. Drawn in monochrome, figures and foliage are removed from their physical spaces and towards a state of in-between. With this show, the artist seeks to highlight the beauty of life’s cycle and to create an epitaph to the departed creatures one passes by when on our travels through the landscape.

Self portrait: Heather Woytowich

Heather Woytowich is a lifelong Saskatoon resident and aspiring illustrator, working in small formats with a pared-down approach and contemporary style, her work focuses on blending symbolic imagery with the objects and elements of the natural world. Outside of her passion for visual arts she continues to create through the medium of ceramics.

Artist Contact Information

Email for all purchase inquiries.


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