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Mila Pshebylo | Twisted

Check out a sneak peek of Mila’s work or visit the gallery in person to see the whole exhibit.

Artist’s exhibition statement

“Twisted “ takes inspiration from “The Crooked Bush”, a local natural botanical mystery, a three acre grove of aspen trees that has been hypothesized to have a genetic mutation unique to those three acres. Researchers have not been able to find the cause of the mutation giving way to a host of local folklore, from lightning strikes to UFOs. Just the sight of the gnarled growth of the usually stark straight trees raises questions about these urban myths and the possibility that these stories might be  rooted in truth. The unusualness of these trees brings with it a tension between apprehension and intrigue, an appreciation of its weird and wonderful mystic and beauty that makes people want to explore the bush. Entering through a small gap in the edge, through twists and turns following the winding path surrounded by misshapen trees and covered by a rustling canopy is, as if, you’ve stepped out of reality and into a strange new world.

The oddity of the trees and the experience of exploring the bush is what drew me to it time and again. It’s truly enchanting! The way the light passes through breaks in the layers of leaves, leaving beams of light to be broken by the branches growing in every direction. Following the winding aged path as if to be walking on one of the fallen trees. There is something about exploring an unfamiliar, mysterious place that is both informative and playful.

In “Twisted “ I create a sense of enchantment and wonder as one would feel in such a space as ”The Crooked Bush”. Through the use of non-organic materials, wire and metal, and reflective light, I am transforming this mysterious place and its contents into one even more unrecognizable. Utilizing the way the light reflects and casts shadows forms a canopy of leaves filtering the sun as it shines through breaks in the tangled dome. The slightest movement in the air causes motion of the leaves, creating a rustling that’s both familiar yet different. Within this space you gaze upon strange and oddly shaped versions of what is not unimagined yet is something you can see with your very own eyes.

Artist Mila PshebyloArtist bio

Mila Pshebylo is an emerging artist from Saskatoon and a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours program. Her work has taken the form of mixed media drawings, sculpture and video, incorporating symbols that “occupy” momentous, or important elements of her personal history. Within her work, simple or familiar imagery is a catalyst for autobiography, fragments of life experience and markers of noteworthy moments. She was the recipient of a Saskatchewan Arts Board grant for the creation of Her most recent work shown in “Twisted”.

Mila would like to acknowledge that this work was created and is displayed on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis. She would also like to thank the Saskatchewan Arts Board for funding the creation of this project.


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