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Zhang Xiaolin | Natural and Human Landscapes

Take a tour of the Virtual Gallery to view the latest exhibit by Zhang Xiaolin.
Read the artist’s exhibition statement.

Gallery & Prices

Tour the Landscapes collection below:

Tour the Portraits collection of the exhibit below:

Please note, the portraits are not for sale.

David Marat

The Jacobin party was a strongman during the French Revolution.

The Death of David Marat

The Death of David Marat

Mao, Zedong, Red Star over China

American Stuart

He has been devoted to China’s modern education for more than 40 years. He was the founder of Yenching University and later served as the US Ambassador to China, making outstanding contributions to China’s modern education.

British Hurd

The founder of China’s modern customs system worked in China for half a century.

Li Hongzhang

The collapsed leader of the empire, Li Hongzhang, China’s modern outstanding diplomat.

Chang Xueliang

A person who changed the political process of China in modern times.

Lin Zexu


Robespierre during the French Revolution.

Karl Marx

The spectre of Communism.

Vladimir Lenin

Joseph Stalin

Mao Zedong 2

Sun Yat-sen

Founding father of the Republic of China.

Chiang Kai-shek

Mao Zedong 3

Zhang Guotao

Zhou Enlai

Deng Xiaoping

Nelson Mandela



Meet the artist

Zhang Xiaolin is originally from Beijing, China and immigrated to Saskatoon, SK. He is a professional architectural landscape designer and painter, and has participated in many national art exhibitions.

If you are interested in purchasing a painting, feel free to reach out to Zhang Xiaolin via email.



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