Say Good Readance to Late Fines!

We get it. Life happens, and late fines can start adding up. Whether it's too cold to leave the house, the end of a loooong work week, or you just simply forgot, late fines happen to everyone. Even us. So we're making it easy to say Good Readance to late fines!

The Good Readance program enables patrons to eliminate fines owing on their library card by simply using the library. Usage of the library includes reading or studying in the library, attending a program, using a computer, playing video or board games...and everything in between!

Come visit us between today and July 31, and we'll remove $10 in fines for every hour you're here ($2.50 per 15 minutes). It's simple!

1. Pick up a Good Readance card at the service desk of any branch.

2. Hang out at the library! Read, attend a program, use a computer, etc. 

3. Track your time on the card.

4. Bring it to a service desk and say farewell to fines!

*This offer is for SPL cardholders only and does not apply to lost or damaged item fees.