4th Annual Knowlympics

How to Participate

Jun 1 – Aug 31, 2020

1. Visit SPL's Beanstack page beginning June 1 and register online. You can also sign up by calling any library. If you don't want to complete the program online, there is also a PDF activity booklet you can print.

2. Have fun learning new things all summer long! Earn badges and points online by tracking all your activities. Use #knowlympics hashtag on social media to share what you are learning as you go.

3. All registered participants have a chance to win a prize, and you will get tickets for extra prize entries for every five activities completed. Prize winners will be contacted by email or phone by Sep 11, 2020. 



Only Saskatoon residents are eligible for prizes. However, non-Saskatoon residents may still register and participate. For every five challenges that you complete, you will earn a ticket that can be used to enter prize draws.

Offline Participants

If you are unable to register and track your progress online, you can play along offline by printing this activity booklet. To be eligible for prizes, however, you will need to call any library and ask an employee to register you for the Knowlympics. Similarly, to gain extra prize draw tickets from completing activities (you get one extra prize draw entry for every five activities completed), please call any library and ask employees to update your progress. 

Knowlympics Activity Booklet


For every five activities you complete, you will earn a ticket to put into draws for prizes from these great local organizations! Prize winners will be contacted by Sep 11, 2020. 

Remai Modern
Nutrien Wonderhub
Dragon's Den Games
Learn & Play Cafe
Clip n Climb
Breakout Escape Rooms
Timberjaxe Throwing Sports
The Prairie Lily Boat Tour
Western Development Museum
Persphone Theatre
Mar's Mini Golf
Saskatoon Blades