Knowlympics: Science, Technology & Math

Being able to understand and use science and technology isn't just for geniuses in lab coats. Innovation is all around us, essential to our economy and enjoyment of daily life. So go ahead and geek out! 

book cover
icon catalogueicon ebookScience: a Discovery in Comics

Margaret de Heer

book cover
icon catalogueRobot Building For Teens

Benham Salemi


book cover
icon catalogueOlga and the Smelly Thing From Nowhere

Elise Gravel


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icon catalogueicon ebookThe Most Magnificent Thing

Ashley Spires

*Also available en Francais

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icon catalogueicon ebookMath Curse

Jon Sciezka & Lane Smith

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icon catalougeicon listenicon ebookAda Twist, Scientist

Andrea Beaty & David Roberts

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How Music Works: The Science and Psychology of Beautiful Sounds from Beethoven to the Beatles and Beyond

John Powell

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icon catalogueOutdoor Science Lab

Liz Lee Heinecke

book cover
icon catalogueThing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words

Randall Munroe

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icon catalogueAtoms Under the Floorboards

Chris Woodford


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icon catalogueMathematics 1001: Absolutely Everything That Matters in Mathematics in 1001 Bite-sized Explanations

Dr. Richard Elwes

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icon catalogueThe Kids' Book of Simple Machines

Kelly Doudna

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