Local and Online Literacy Resources

Online Resources & Organizations

Basic ESL

Basic ESL improves an individual's listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through a simple to follow, and proven instruction curriculum. Students learn English quickly and effectively on relevant topics including: family, home, school and many other topics. In each lesson students learn key vocabulary and how to use that vocabulary in conversation. No computer experience is necessary.


An electronic library with materials in English and French on literacy, learning English, workplace essential skills, program management and instruction and teaching resources. Operating as NALD (National Adult Literacy Database) from 1989 to 2013, this internet-based literacy and essential skills digital library became Copian and dissolved in 2015. The library’s resources are now hosted by CDEACF -  Le Centre de documentation sur l’éducation des adultes et la condition feminine.

Centre for Family Literacy

Provides free adult tutoring and family literacy programs in Edmonton, Alberta. The Centre also provides training and resources on family literacy. 

Literacy Statistics and Results of PIAAC, the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies

Released in 2013 PIAAC measured literacy, reading, numeracy and problem solving skills in technology rich environments in adults aged 16-65 in 33 countries including Canada.

Saskatchewan Literacy Network

Promotes and supports literacy in Saskatchewan. The Network provides training and resources for Community Literacy.

Saskatoon Literacy Coalition 

A group of organizations, institutions and individuals working together for literacy in Saskatoon. 


Local Programs for Adult & Literacy Learners

Frontier College 

  • Provides free literacy programs in Saskatoon. For more information on programs and volunteering, call Frontier College at 306-374-7323.

Gabriel Dumont Institute 

  • Provides skills training, basic education progams and GED testing for Métis people in Saskatoon.

Quint Development Corporation 

  • Provides services for people who live in Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods and who are looking for work. Quint’s programs include resume writing, driver’s license program and GED preparation. For more information call Quint at 306-683-1957.

Radius Community Centre 

  • Provides free programs to develop skills of unemployed or underemployed adult workers. Radius’ programs include GED preparation, First Aid and resume, cover letter and interview skills. For more information call Radius at 306-665-0362.

READ Saskatoon 

  • Provides free one to one literacy tutoring for adults and family literacy programs. For more information, call READ Saskatoon at 306-652-5448.

The Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies 

  • Provides skills training and academic upgrading for First Nations students in Saskatoon. For more information call the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies at 306-244-4444.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic 

  • Provides academic upgrading, an Adult Literacy Centre, employment readiness and English language training and testing in Saskatoon. For more information call Saskatchewan Polytechnic at 306-659-5701.

Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre 

  • Provides a workplace literacy and workplace experience program for adults requesting assistance in securing and maintaining employment. For more information call the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre at 306-664-6565. 

YWCA Saskatoon’s Employment & Learning Centre 

  • Provides adults with programs and workshops to help them acquire employability skills and employment. For more information call the YWCA Saskatoon’s Employment and Learning Centre at 306-244-0944.

Local Programs for Newcomers

Newcomer Information Centre

  • A Regional Newcomer Gateway, serving newcomers to Saskatoon and communities within a 150 kilometers radius of Saskatoon. The Newcomer Information Centre provides many services including English language testing and referrals, language interpretation and provides information on essential services such as how to find a place to live, find a job, learn English, and obtain a driver’s licence or health card. For more information call the Newcomer Information Centre at 306-343-8303.

Global Gathering Place 

  • Provides immigrants and refugees in Saskatoon with support, services and skill development programs including learning English. For more information call Global Gathering Place at 306-665-0268.

International Women of Saskatoon 

  • Provides support, programs (including learning English) and services that respond to the needs of newcomer, immigrant and refugee women and their families. For more information call International Women of Saskatoon at 306-978-6611.

Saskatchewan Intercultural Association 

  • Provides services and programs (including learning English) for immigrants and refugees in Saskatoon. For more information call the Saskatchewan Intercultural Association at 306-978-1818.

Saskatoon Open Door Society 

  • Provides immigrants and refugees in Saskatoon with settlement and family services, community support services, English language training and daycare and translation services. For more information call the Saskatoon Open Door Society at 306-653-4464.

University of Saskatchewan Language Centre 

  • Povides a full-time ESL program for international students in Saskatoon, ESL teacher training and an English language part-time program. For more information call the Language Centre at 306-966-4356.