Additional Local History Resources

We have such a wealth of information here in Local History, it's hard to wrap our heads around it sometimes! In addition to our commonly-used photographs, microfilm, clippings, and city directories you’ll find a number of other useful collections.


The Local History periodicals collection includes magazines, newsletters, and school and college yearbooks related to Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. To find a periodical, go to our Serials Database.

Most periodicals are located in Local History storage and can be retrieved upon request. A few periodicals are also available online, with a link from the Serials database record.

Some of our most-used periodicals are:

  • Folklore
  • Saskatchewan History
  • Saskatoon History Review
  • Prairie Forum
  • Farm magazines
  • School yearbooks
  • Telephone books
  • Old Sears and Eaton’s catalogues

Other collections

Local History also has small collections of documents, artifacts, scrapbooks, photo albums and maps which can all be searched in the  Collections Database.  

Search tip: Use the Advanced Search option.  In the Collection drop-down menu, select the collection you’re looking for. 


The concert programs, advertising flyers, promotional and informational brochures we often throw away have historic value. 

More than four thousand such items are in our Pamphlet collection under diverse headings such as agriculture, concerts, calendars, cookery, clubs, festivals, schools and tourism.


You’ll find correspondence and other personal papers of well-known citizens, some business and organizational papers, pioneer reminiscences, family histories, legal documents, and records of certain special events such as athletic competitions. 


A few hundred historic Saskatoon and Saskatchewan maps are housed in Local History. Some can be searched in the Collections database, and others are available upon request. A few have been digitized and more digitization is in the works. 


The collection includes pins, buttons, pennants, plaques, hats, ribbons, mugs and framed paintings. 

Scrapbooks and Photo Albums

Local History has more than 100 scrapbooks and photo albums donated by history conscious Saskatonians through the years. Scrapbooks include:

  • Saskatoon Firemen’s scrapbook full of photos and clippings
  • The "Remember When" photograph features prepared by Wilbur Lepp, first Local History Room Librarian, published in the Saskatoon Commentator
  • Zoe Dallas’s StarPhoenix columns
  • Scrapbooks on weddings, anniversaries, retirements, deaths and funerals
  • Photo scrapbook from the Saskatoon Community Players 1952-1956 
  • Family scrapbooks
  • Bob Hinitt’s Christmas light display photo albums
  • Pensioners and Pioneers scrapbooks

 LH-8452 Family Temperance Pledge, ca. 1885