May 2017 Layoffs

In May 2017, SPL laid off 22 employees due to budget issues unrelated to the restructuring.

All of the unionized employees who were laid off  (20) were eligible for continued employment in other roles at SPL. Eleven employees accepted new positions at SPL through bumping (some of whom have already moved into other positions in the library), four people retired, two people found other employment, and three people declined recall employment offers and their employment contracts were terminated. Any of the employees who left the organization as a result of the layoff did so voluntarily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did SPL layoff employees after the provincial government restored funding? 

When the province originally eliminated the SPL’s funding, an operating efficiency was identified and subsequently implemented. 

Were the layoffs part of the service model and new organizational structure change? 

No, the restructuring is part of our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan. The Library Board and administration began the planning for this service model and structural change in early 2016.

What is bumping?

As per the collective agreement, bumping allows a laid-off employee to take another position for which they are qualified based on their seniority.

Were employees only offered lesser paying positions? 

The process and the criteria used for bumping was developed together with, supported by and signed in a joint Memorandum of Agreement between SPL and CUPE 2669. The union was actively involved in placing employees in new positions that matched their qualifications.