Technology @ SPL

Whether you're looking to polish up your resume, mix a new track, channel your inner Einstein, or fine tune your gaming skills, start here. 

People helping each other with computers

Computers & Tablets

MacBook Pros
Loaded with the latest in recording and editing technology, such as: a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controller, video-editing controller, podcast equipment, stereo mixer, audio software (GarageBand, Audacity, LogicProX), and video-editing software (Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Quicktime, Adobe Creative Cloud).
Family-friendly games chosen to encourage early literacy and creative discovery skills are available on all tablets.

Google Chromebooks
Sign out a Chromebook and work on projects in the branch wherever is most comfortable and convenient for you.
Desktop Computers
All locations have computers equipped with up-to-date Microsoft Office programs and internet browsing capabilities. Some stations have one-hour limits and can be booked up to 3 days in advance

Robotics & Circuitry

Makey Makey
Turn everyday objects into computer touchpads using these simple, yet innovative, invention kits.
Little Bits
Use simple electronic building blocks to create robots, cats, cars, and other inventions.
Snap Circuits
Make learning electronics fun and easy using parts that snap together. Projects include radios, alarms, doorbells, and more.

LEGO® Mindstorms 
Use kits containing both hardware and software to create your own programmable robots.

Video Games & Virtual Reality

Wii U
Enjoy many new Nintendo games and relive updated versions of classic ones like Mario Kart, Zelda and Super Mario Bros. in stunning HD.
PlayStation 4 Pro
Play PS4 games with spectacular graphics and enhanced gameplay with faster frame rates and super sharp action.
Xbox One S
Experience rich, luminous colour with Xbox's HDR games.

Google Cardboard
Use the Cardboard viewer to experience virtual reality. Visit the Eiffel Tower, play immersive games, or fly through space.

Mobile Charging Lockers

Use the lockers to charge and store your phone while you visit the Library. 
Locations: Frances Morrison Central Library, Dr. Freda Ahenakew Branch

Wireless Internet

Don't use up your data! Use our free, high-speed wireless Internet instead.
Locations: All SPL locations