Group Loan Request Form

With Group Loans, you can check out up to 30 items on one library card. You request materials on a specific topic, and we'll get the items ready for you. It's that simple!

Who can have a Group Loan card?
• Any teacher who either lives or works in Saskatoon.
• Any homeschool parent who lives in Saskatoon
• Any institution in Saskatoon that exists for educational purposes for either children or adults. For example a daycare, an adult EAL instructor, a teacher at an addictions treatment center.

Please fill out the form below. If you don’t have a Group Loan card yet, we’ll help you get one after you submit this form. Please note:
• You can choose your pick-up date, but we need at least 10 days to put the loan together
• If you need books sooner, you can come to the library and sign out up to 30 books on your card on your own
• After the pick-up date passes, you’ll have 2 weeks to come pick up your Group Loan
• One Group Loan per card (up to 30 books) at a time
• Group Loans are signed out for 28 days and can be renewed

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