Read for Reconciliation

Because reconciliation starts with education, libraries are a great place to start. If you're looking for some good reads to celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day on June 21, check out our reading lists below.

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Read for Reconciliation Reading List

Two-Spirit, Queer & Trans Indigenous Reading List

Metis Reading List

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Fiction & Plays

Book cover for Where the Blood MixesBook cover for Slash

Medicine River
Thomas King

Nicimos: The Final Rez Christmas
Curtis Peeteetuce

Porcupines & China Dolls
Robert Arthur Alexie

Jeannette Armstrong

Two Plays About Residential School
Lorry Loyie & Manuel Vera

Where the Blood Mixes: A Play
Kevin Loring

Kids & Teens

Book cover for Shin-chi's Canoe

Goodbye Buffalo Bay
Larry Loyie

In Search of April Raintree
Beatrice Moisonier

My Name is Seepeetza
Shirley Sterling

No Time to Say Goodbye: Children's Stories of Kuper Island Residential School
Sylvia Olsen, Rita Morris & Ann Sam

Shin-Chi’s Canoe
Nicola I. Campbell

Stones & Switches
Lorne Joseph Simon

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