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Mar 8, 2023

Statement on Reading with Royalty at Saskatoon Public Library

Saskatoon Public Library is proud to present programs celebrating our values of inclusivity and diversity while promoting a love of reading and storytelling. We have hosted the family-friendly Reading with Royalty storytime program since 2017. This program champions kindness, inclusion, acceptance and self-expression. Content is age-appropriate and selected by professional librarians.

We recognize that Saskatoon is comprised of families with unique experiences, perspectives and values. As such, we aim to provide collections and programs that reflect and celebrate diverse communities while acknowledging that not all our books or events will be a good fit for everyone. Many families in our community feel that Reading with Royalty aligns with their values and express their support through continued attendance at this program. If this program does not align with your family’s values, many other storytimes are available on a regular basis at libraries across the city.

Saskatoon Public Library upholds the values underpinning a democratic society, including free, open and equitable access to diverse information and ideas. We strive to be a welcoming place committed to representing everyone who calls Saskatoon home.