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STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Kits are a fun, hands-on way for people of all ages to learn new things and expand their skills in any of the STEAM areas! Explore the list below to find the kit that fits you. STEAM Kits can be borrowed with a Saskatoon Public Library card.


Digital Radon Detector

Borrow a digital radon detector to monitor the levels of this radioactive gas in your home. These devices are available from October through March annually thanks to a partnership with Lung Sask.

NOTE: as per Health Canada’s recommendations, radon detectors are not available to borrow April to October as levels during the summer are typically much lower than during the winter.

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Code & Go Robot Mouse

The Code & Go Robot Mouse can be programmed with up to forty steps by pressing the color-coded buttons on its back and guided through mazes by applying the correct sequence. These robots help develop coding, sequencing, critical thinking, problem solving and spatial awareness.

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Aaranet4 CO2 Monitor

The Aranet4 monitor is an innovative air quality monitor that measures CO2 level, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. The device is suitable for monitoring the CO2 level at home, in school, office, or any other indoor environment.

Please note that CO2 (carbon dioxide) monitoring is different from CO (carbon monoxide) monitoring. CO2 monitors are not life-saving devices.

These devices are funded in partnership with CAVI (Community Access to Ventilation Information).

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Birding Backpacks

Birding Backpack

Learn more about ecology, biodiversity and the environment by observing birds and their habitat with this all-in-one bird-watching kit. Discover Saskatchewan’s many different species of birds year round. Birding Backpacks are suitable for all ages, though children will need to be supervised while using it. In partnership with Birds Canada. For more birding resources, watch a Bird Identification for Beginners video brought to you by Birds Canada, or printed resources from the Saskatoon Nature Society.

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Make learning fun with hands-on activities centered around math, spelling and more. This award-winning game system connects to your iPad and fosters creativity and problem-solving skills through hands-on play. Osmo is for kids ages six to 12, but can be enjoyed by the entire family. Many apps encourage team efforts.

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Graphic: Makey Makey

Makey Makey

Turn everyday objects into your personal keyboard. This electronic invention tool allows you to connect everyday objects to a computer and watch them come to life. Turn bananas into bongo drums, play a Tetris game with your own custom controller or make a piano out of marshmallows. Projects range from easy to advanced.

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