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All SPL locations will be closed Monday, May 20 for Victoria Day. View all holiday closures here.

Reference & Information Service

Reference librarians are available to assist in answering your questions. These questions include:

  • Assistance with using the library and services, locating materials, and using reference resources.
  • Identifying library materials needed to answer a question.
  • Providing factual information including statistics, addresses and phone numbers.

If you don’t see the answer to your question below, we are available by phone, chat and email.

Borrowing & Renewing Materials

You can renew your loan on items borrowed if there are no holds currently placed on those items by other patrons. There are several ways to renew items:

  1. Online: You can renew an item by logging into your account via MySPL Account. You will then be taken to your account. Choose the “Items Out” tab and then click the red RENEW button associated with the item you want to renew. If you are successful in renewing your item, you will see a message in green that says “Items have been renewed successfully.” If there is an error message or you have any problems logging in, please email [email protected] or call your local library.
  2. SILS app: Go to your Items Out. Tap the item you would like to renew. Tap the 3 dot menu at the upper right corner. Tap Renew, and tap Renew in the window that comes up to confirm.
  3. By phone: 855.980.7457.
  4. In-person at any Saskatoon Public Library location.

For more information about requesting a title, visit the Recommend a Title page.

To learn more about requesting and managing hold, visit the Managing Holds page.

Yes! Saskatoon Public Library does not charge for borrowing items, or for any of its programs and services.

Active: You are in the queue.

Cancelled: A cancelled hold happens when either you cancel a hold request or when you have not picked up your hold before the expiration date.

Expired: Requests not filled within a year expire.

Held: Your item is ready to be picked up.

Inactive: The hold request is paused or has an activation date in the future.

Pending: The request is in progress of being filled.

Shipped: The item is in transit to your pick-up location. You will receive a notification when it is available for pick-up.

SPL is part of the province-wide Saskatchewan Integrated Library Services (SILS) consortium and there are procedures in place to ensure materials are moved throughout the province as efficiently as possible. If the item you’ve requested is owned by your library system, there will be a 14-day window to see if it becomes available. After that window has passed, the hold can be filled by any other library system throughout the province.

How quickly holds are filled depends on numerous factors, including the current availability of the item, where you are in the holds queue for that item, where it is being shipped from, etc. With these factors in mind, SPL cannot accurately predict when items placed on hold will be ready for pickup.

Although there are no late fines at Saskatoon Public Library, items more than 30 days overdue are considered lost and replacement fees are charged to the patron’s account. These fees will be completely removed once items are returned. Patrons with more than $25 in fees will have their accounts suspended. If paying fees creates a barrier for you, please talk to an employee to discuss alternatives.

Yes. As per Saskatchewan Integrated Library Services (SILS) consortium policy, if multiple people across the province place holds on an item, priority is given to the cardholder from the system that owns the item.

Hot Titles are new, bestselling items that are available in-library only. They are non-holdable and non-renewable. Due to their popular demand, cardholders can only check out up to five Hot Title items at time. As is the case with all other books, the loan period is 21 days.

If there is an item you would like to borrow but can’t find in our catalogue, don’t despair! There are two options.

We will consider purchasing items that would be of widespread interest to the community and have been published within the past two years. If your desired item meets this criteria, we suggest filling out form on our Recommend a Title page page.

You may also be able to borrow older and less popular items using Interlibrary Loans. This service allows patrons to borrow from libraries that are not part of the Saskatchewan Integrated Library Services (SILS) consortium (i.e., academic libraries and public libraries in other provinces). You can use the form on that page to request items that are more than two years old and/or may not have widespread appeal in the community.

Renewals on Interlibrary Loan items are at the discretion of the lending library. To request a renewal of an Interlibrary Loan item, please email [email protected] at least three days before the end of your loan period. The loan period on these items is 21 days.

Visit our Digital Library to browse the many digital services available to Saskatoon Public Library cardholders. We also have video tutorials for many of these services which can be accessed on the Digital Library page or on our Technology Training & Support page.

There could be several reasons why you can’t renew your item online: another patron has a hold on the borrowed item, you have exceeded your allowed renewals (the limit for most items is two times), you have a non-renewable “Hot Title” item, or you have over $25 due in replacement fees. Please call or visit your preferred library, or email [email protected] for assistance.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Kits are loanable technology with a loan period of 21 days. We currently have kits for the Fisher Price Code-a-Pillar, Makey Makey, Osmo. and Birding Backpacks. Please visit the Steam Kits page for more information.

Saskatoon Public Library has many forms of technology, large print materials, and other ways of assisting patrons with a print disability. To learn more, check out our Accessibility page or contact our Accessibility Services team at 306.975.7565 or by emailing [email protected].

Each library in the province retains their own collections of eBooks and eAudiobooks. Many of these are shared across the province, but some are limited only to users from their region. To access the Saskatoon Public Library digital library, visit the digital library page.

My SPL Account

By default, your PIN is the last four digits of your telephone number. However, all patrons have the option to change their PIN, which can be done at any SPL location or online (click Settings after you are logged into your account on My SPL). If you can’t remember what your PIN is, please contact any SPL location.

You can change your PIN online at any time. Simply log into your My SPL account and click Settings. You can also change your PIN at the service desk of any library or by calling any SPL location. If you have forgotten your PIN, click on the “forgot PIN” link on the login page.

To protect the privacy of our patrons, SPL does not include patrons’ full names on holds slips. Instead, all hold slips have personalized codes that are created as follows:

  • The first two letters of your last name
  • The first letter of your first name
  • The last five digits of your library card

So, for example, someone name John Smith with a library card number of 12345678912345 would have the following code on their holds slips:


Yes, please return the item and the replacement fee will be automatically removed.

Please contact your preferred library or email [email protected] if you’re unable to pay a replacement or damaged item fee. We want to find a way to have you be able to use the library.

If you have no identification you may still be able to get a Community Access Card. This card allows you to use the computers, online databases and resources, and borrow up to four items at a time. You can get a Community Access Card without identification as long as a community member can vouch for your identity.

Eligible community members include, but are not limited to:

  • shelter workers
  • religious leaders
  • community outreach workers
  • group home staff

The vouching community member is not considered responsible should borrowed items not be returned.

If you have a fixed address but no proof of address, we can send a postcard to your address. When you receive it, bring it into any SPL location so that we can verify your address.

Please tell us right away if your card is lost or stolen so that we can cancel it, as you are responsible for all items borrowed on your card. Once you notice your card is missing, please come to any location or give us a call. You’ll need to show your ID to get a new card.

The 14-digit number can be found on your library card under the barcode (e.g.: 26001123456789)

Room Rentals

Yes, renters are responsible for setting up and cleaning the rooms they have booked. Rooms must be left in the same condition they were in at the beginning of the rental. If the room is not returned to its original condition, there is a minimum charge of $35 and any cleanup that takes longer than an hour costs an additional $35 per hour.

Bookings must be made a minimum of three days and maximum of 60 days in advance. This is a rolling timeline that resets daily.

Rentals can be paid for with a credit card via the online booking system. Please contact any library if you have additional questions.

Yes, there are various restrictions. For example, you cannot charge admission to events held at Saskatoon Public Library and alcohol is not permitted in any rooms. Please refer to our Room Rental Regulations for more information and to ensure your event is permitted before making a booking.

No. Organizers may not charge admission to an event or sell items at an event. For more information, visit our Room Rentals page.

Yes, though renters are responsible for leaving the room in the condition in which it was rented. If the library is required to clean up following a meeting, the renter will be charged for clean-up costs. For more information, visit our Room Rentals page.

Groups with a registered non-profit number are eligible for a 20% discount on their room rentals (the discount is 50% at the Mayfair Library). This registered number must be provided to receive the discount. For more information, visit our Room Rentals page.

Visits & Tours

If you’re new to Saskatoon or just haven’t visited us in a while and want a refresher on what the library has to offer, you can book at any of our nine locations around Saskatoon. For more information, visit our Book a Tour page.

No, this is not a service that is available at this time.

The library is a great place for children to explore, create and discover, however, unaccompanied children can be at risk in public spaces. Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by a caregiver who is at least 12 years old while in the library. Caregivers of children under 10 years old are required to remain in the library during programs.

Computers, Technology & Innovation Labs

Yes! Public computers and printing are available at all locations. For more information, visit our Technology and Printing page.

Yes! Fax service is available at all libraries.

There is no cost to use the Innovation Labs. There are, however, limits on the amount that certain tools and technology in the labs can be used free of charge (e.g., button makers). More information on this can be obtained by contacting the library that is home to the Innovation Lab you’re interested in using. To see what tools and materials are available, visit the Innovation Labs page. 

Parental controls are set up on all our consoles and patrons are therefore only able to play video games approved for general audiences in the video game rooms.

No. While in the library you can connect to the “SPL-Public” network free of charge and without a library card or password.

No, you do not need a library card to use a public computer. If you do not have a card, please speak with a library employee for assistance.

There are different versions of software available on different devices, as follows:


Smart Access Manager Computers (denoted by red sign-in screen)
Operating System: Windows 10
Software: Adobe Reader DC, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, VLC Media Player, Magnifier, Irfan View (paint program)


These devices are loaned for in-library use at the following branches: Alice Turner, J.S. Wood and Round Prairie.

HP Stream Laptops
Operating System: Windows 10
Software: Adobe Reader DC, Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, VLC, Media Player, Microsoft Powerpoint*, Weather*, Maps*, Paint 3D*, Edge*, Skype*
* accessed via a limited Start menu which includes additional apps.

Chrome Book Laptops
Operating System: Chrome
Software: Google Chrome, Microsoft Word Online, Microsoft Excel Online, Google Drive, *Chrome Play
* user may install apps marked available for public use from the Google Play store. The app will only be available during the active session.

Yes, you can scan documents on our printers and either save the scan to a USB drive or email the scans to yourself. If you have any questions about how to do this, please ask an employee.

Black and white printing costs $0.10 per page, or per side if you are printing double sided. Colour printing is not available. For more information, visit the Technology & Printing page. 


Saskatoon Public Library does not accept donations of books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, video games or other materials. Take a look at other options for Book Donations in Saskatoon.

Local History does accept donations of materials that have a connection to the history of Saskatoon. For more information on donating items of historical significance, view our Local History donations page. 

Thank you for your interest in donating to SPL! For more information, please visit our Donate page.


All library programs and events are free to attend!

You can either visit or call your preferred location or you can register online through the events calendar. To register online, click on the program you wish to attend and then click VIEW MORE. You will then be taken to a page where you can submit your information and complete the registration process.

No. Most programs are drop-in! If a program requires registration, it will be indicated in our Program Guide. If you’re looking on the events calendar, programs requiring registration are indicated by an icon of a person and + sign.

You can check our latest copy of the Program Guide or explore the online events calendar. You can also speak with a library employee via phone or in person if you have questions.

Limits are dependent on the space the program is being held in. Free tickets are provided for admittance to drop-in programs, so show up early and get a ticket to guarantee your spot!



Each location has unique hours of operation. For library hours please visit our Locations page and click on the location you’re wondering about.

To view all current job openings at SPL, please visit our Work With Us page. Click on the position(s) you would like to apply for and then click the “apply now” button.

Saskatoon Public Library has Outreach Workers available. You can find out more about the services they provide, as well as contact information, by visiting the Outreach Workers page.