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Holds lockers allow you to pick up library holds at your convenience, even outside of regular library open hours! There are now two holds lockers available for SPL patrons to use at the following locations:

  • Outside the Carlyle King Library/Cosmo Civic Centre, which is accessible 24 hours a day.
  • Outside the Cliff Wright Library but inside the Lakewood Civic Centre, making it accessible during Civic Centre open hours.

When you place a hold online you will be asked to choose a pick-up location. To use a holds locker for picking up your library materials, select a holds locker as your desired location. Once you receive a notification that your item(s) are ready for pickup, you simply scan your library card at the holds locker and follow the prompts. The materials are checked out to you and the door will open for you to retrieve your holds.

You will notice options to choose “Accessible” holds lockers at both the Carlyle King and Cliff Wright locations. If you choose this option, books will be placed in a locker that is wheelchair accessible.

Please note that choosing a holds locker may mean a longer wait time for library materials if all the holds lockers are full when your item(s) arrives at the library.

How to Use Holds Lockers:

  1. Press BORROW on the screen.
  2. Follow the directions to scan your library card. If you do not have your library card with you, type the number on the keypad and press ENTER.
  3. Enter your PIN (usually the last four digits in your telephone number) on the keypad and press LOGIN.
  4. A list of your waiting holds will be displayed. Select ACCEPT. You will see a notification if you have holds in more than one locker. The locker(s) will open and you will be able to remove your items. Once the locker door opens, the items will be checked out.
  5. Please close the door after you have your items and press FINISH to complete the transaction.