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Role of the Board

Board members are community leaders who advocate for and raise awareness of Saskatoon Public Library. It is their role to ensure Saskatoon Public Library responds effectively and efficiently to the needs of the community.

Board Governance

The Board has full governing powers over the library as outlined in the Public Libraries Act. The Board consists of eight Trustees, one of whom is a member of City Council. Trustees are appointed by City Council for two-year terms, to a maximum of six years. The Saskatoon Public Library Board follows the Board Bylaws in their conduct.

2023 Board Members

Jim Siemens Jim Siemens Chair
Cheryl Starr Cheryl Starr Vice Chair
Hilary Gough Hilary Gough City Councillor
Jasmin Carlton Jasmin Carlton
Markel Chernenkoff Markel Chernenkoff
Heather Kuttai Heather Kuttai
Colleen Norris Colleen Norris
Elise Truscott Elise Truscott
Carol Cooley Carol Cooley CEO
Mayor Charlie Clark Mayor Charlie Clark Ex Officio

Join the Board

Saskatoon residents interested in applying to sit on the Board can find more information by visiting the City of Saskatoon website.