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All SPL locations will be closed Monday, May 20 for Victoria Day. View all holiday closures here.

All About Holds

If the book or item you want is not available to borrow or you would like the item delivered to another location for pickup, you can place a hold request on it. Holds may be placed using several options:

  1. Search the collection on the library website.
  2. Call any Saskatoon Public library.
  3. Use the library app on a mobile device.

Questions About Holds

When you have found an item you would like to request using the search on the library website or app:

  1. Click the PLACE HOLD button beside the item.
  2. Enter your library card number (barcode) and your PIN to log in to your MySPL account.
  3. Choose a pick-up location.
  4. Click PLACE HOLD.

When your requested item arrives at the pick-up location, you will receive a notification by phone, email or text, depending on what preference you have set in your MySPL account. The item will be held at the pick-up location for seven days.

Suspending and activating holds can be especially useful for individuals who organize book clubs or simply want to put items on holds on items they don’t require right away. To manage your holds and have them delivered at a later time, please do the following after you have logged into your account.

  1. Once you have placed items on hold, click on MySPL Account (top right-hand corner of the page) and then click REQUESTS.
  2. To manage when holds will be fulfilled, click SUSPEND next to each title and choose a timeframe from the options provided.
  3. If you want to activate a suspended hold before your selected timeframe expires, simply click ACTIVATE next to the title.

Active: You are in the queue.

Cancelled: A cancelled hold happens when either you cancel a hold request or when you have not picked up your hold before the expiration date.

Expired: Requests not filled within a year expire.

Held: Your item is ready to be picked up.

Inactive: The hold request is paused or has an activation date in the future.

Pending: The request is in progress of being filled.

Shipped: The item is in transit to your pick-up location. You will receive a notification when it is available for pick-up.

Each patron can have a maximum of 100 items placed on hold at one time.