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The book return at Rusty Macdonald Library is currently unavailable. Please return library material inside the library.

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Accessibility Services Loans

Library materials can be provided to personal care homes, large buildings such as assisted living facilities and retirement communities, and Saskatoon residents unable to come to the library for reasons of age, disability or extended illness. The material can be delivered to you or brought to your nearest library location for pick-up.

Accessibility Services Loan Application Form

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Assistive Technology Available

Hearing Loop

There is Hearing Loop technology currently installed at the Cliff Wright Library service desk as part of a pilot project. To access the hearing loop, switch your hearing aid to T-Coil (Telecoil) setting. You can also take this PDF card (hard copies are available at the Cliff Wright Library) to your audiologist and ask them to fill out instructions about how to use this technology with your specific device.

*Currently available at the Cliff Wright Library service desk only.

Zoomtext Screen Magnification

Do you have trouble reading fine print on a screen? Zoomtext magnification software is available on any bookable internet station at all of our libraries. Just ask a staff member to point them out.

Chromeboxes & Chromebooks

Some locations have Chromebox computers and Chromebook laptops. These computers have built-in accessibility features such as screen magnification and screenreader software.

Optelec Video Magnifier

The Optelec Magnifier, or CCTV, can be used to read books, documents, letters, and greeting cards, and to view photographs in a large format. You can use it at the Frances Morrison Central Library.

Kurzweil 1000 Scanner Reader

The Kurzweil workstation scans printed text and converts it into synthesized speech, reading it aloud.  This machine offers people with a visual disability access to the printed word. This equipment is on a height-adjustable table. Available on the main floor of Frances Morrison Central Library (Accessibility Services area).

Large Print & Voice Internet Computer

A personal computer with screen magnification software (ZoomText) and screenreader software (NVDA) can be used to search the Internet or the library’s online catalogue. People with visual disabilities can magnify the size of the screen using ZoomText, or can have the words on the screen read out loud using NVDA. Available in the main floor of Frances Morrison Central Library (Accessibility Services area).

Trackball Mouse

The internet PC can be used with a trackball mouse for people with physical disabilities that make using a standard mouse difficult. Available on the main floor of Frances Morrison Central Library (Accessibility Services area).

DAISY Players

The library will lend DAISY players for short periods of time to Talking Book clients who would like to try them out before buying their own equipment. Available in the main floor area of Frances Morrison Central Library (Accessibility Services area).


Mousercise is a fun and interactive tutorial-based service that guides users through the ins and outs of how to use a computer mouse.

Print Disabled Service

You are eligible to access library materials restricted to the print disabled (talking books on CD and downloadable talking books) and SILS restricted material (described videos) through the public library if you have a print disability due to blindness, visual disability, physical disability and/or a learning/reading disability in accordance with the definition provided for “perceptual disability” in the Canadian Copyright Act. To access print disability materials please complete the Print Disabled Service Application Form.

Print Disabled Service application form

Print Disability Audiobooks and Downloadable Audio

DAISY Player

The library lends DAISY players for short periods of time if you want to try it out before getting your own equipment.

CELA (Centre for Equitable Library Access)

CELA (Centre for Equitable Library Access)

Download audio, DAISY Talking Books, Direct to Player downloads, eText, eBraille, Print Braille, and more.

NNELS (National Network for Equitable Library Service)

NNELS Talking Books Disc Service

If you cannot use downloadable audiobooks, we can make disc copies of NNELS audiobooks for you.



Register for CELA first to get access to Bookshare. You can download audio, eText, and more.

Alternative Format Material Sources

SAFM (Saskatchewan Alternate Format Materials Library)

SAFM (Saskatchewan Alternate Format Materials Library)
Find school textbooks in Braille and Large Print.

Audio Description Project (American Council of the Blind)

Audio Description Project (American Council of the Blind)
This site lists newly released described DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

DV Guide (Accessible Media Inc.)

DV Guide (Accessible Media Inc.)
A comprehensive list of most described television programming in Canada.