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About The Gallery at Frances Morrison Central Library

The Gallery’s mandate is to display high-calibre artwork that has not previously been displayed locally, created by Saskatchewan’s emerging and established artists, particularly those living in Saskatoon.

Current Show: Reflecting Light | 10th Street Atelier
Nov 29 – Dec 27

The title of our group exhibition, Reflecting Light, has myriad meanings depending on its context. As visual artists, uppermost in our minds is understanding the nature of light, its quality, mood, intensity and direction. Please view the event listing for more information.

Reception: Thursday / Nov 30 / 7 – 9 pm

Previous Exhibits

Oct 25 – Nov 22, 2023

This show centers around images of magpies, accompanied by scientific facts about magpies while spinning an understory about missing people in Saskatchewan.

Sep 19 – Oct 17, 2023

The inspiration for this exhibit comes from the struggles Coombs has due to autism and the inability to recognize the subtleties and textures of emotions on account of having Alexithymia.

Jul 3 – Aug 1, 2023

This show springs from the artist’s fascination with the innovative sounds of three exceptional musicians from 70 years ago. The show features mixed media works on paper.

Mar 14 – Apr 13, 2023

This exhibition contemplates and calls attention to that which, oftentimes, lives within our peripherals.



Feb 7 – Mar 9, 2023

This show featured paintings from photos that were taken while the artist was walking her dog, Dexter. Acrylic on canvas.

Acrylic on canvas. Whitecap hillside in august

Jan 3 – Feb 2, 2023

Living with Ghosts was an exhibition of the latest portraits and figurative work by Aarin Rinas. It is an exploration of the relationship with the self and others.

Nov 29, 2022 – Dec 28, 2023

This show featured photographs and ephemera from 1922 in Saskatoon alongside a community envisioning of Saskatoon in 2122.

Oct 24 – Nov 24, 2022

A show of fine art prints made by 10 adults working with 10 children (18 years and younger) as individual creative teams on the theme of global climate change.

Sep 12 – Oct 14, 2022

The Circle and the Dot represent a landscape of the past and reconnect it to the present. Technique and medium are important components of the installation’s architectural design and will form a liminal space between the past and the future.

Aug 25 – Sep 7, 2022
Rod Goertzen, Emily Conlon, Louisa Ferguson, Jesse Fulcher Gagnon, Chelsea Brant

The Department of Art & Art History at the University of Saskatchewan will be presenting works from the 2022 Masters of Fine Arts graduating class. Artists conclude their degree with an exhibition that demonstrates the depth of their research and practice over two years and as a celebration of their accomplishments and connections in the community.

In this era of pervasive racial and social injustice, global climate crises, political unrest and a loss of a sense of community informed by a global pandemic, art re-emerges as a necessary point of connection.