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Programs & Activities for Students

Grades K–3 recommended

This program introduces students to age-appropriate books, as well as fun songs and rhymes.

Programs at Frances Morrison Central Library
Due to very high demand, programs at Frances Morrison Central Library are by lottery only. To enter the lottery for storytimes at Frances Morrison Central Library, please fill out this form.

This year, School Storytimes at Frances Morrison Central Library will feature Trickster Tales from Around the World:

  • Trickster Tales feature characters – often talking animals – who trick others to get what they want or to escape harm from someone more powerful. Different cultures use trickster tales to teach lessons about how to behave and treat other people. This storytime program will feature well-known tricksters Anansi, Wisahkecahk and Kanchil through storytelling and puppetry.

Programs at Schools & Other Libraries
To request a storytime at your school or any library other than Frances Morrison Central Library, please fill out this form. This year, teachers are able to select from the following three programs:

  • Connect with Nature: Connect with nature and honour the land you’re on. This program is a gentle call to action – to notice, appreciate, preserve and defend our environment while relishing its beauty and resilience.
  • Make ‘em Laugh!: It’s good to laugh – this program is all about humour and tickling your funny bone! We’ll share some of our silliest stories and finish with a collaborative joke-telling experience.
  • Dragon’s Tales: A mix of new fantastical books and traditional fairy tales. This storytime is filled with dragons, big bad wolves, and magic.

Grades 4–12 recommended
Time: 30 minutes

Get excited about reading! Students will be introduced to a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. Librarians will present reading level appropriate titles, including can’t-miss classics and new page-turners. When offered in the library, this program can also include a library tour.

Curriculum Points Covered

  • Listening purposefully to understand, respond, and analyze oral information and ideas from a range of texts
  • Read independently and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of informational texts.
  • Read grade-appropriate texts to increase fluency and expression.
  • Using language to express a range of information and ideas.

Tours are available at any library, with or without a Book Talk session. Teachers can also come to the library for self-guided tours at anytime, though we do appreciate some advance notice if you’re planning this.

Fill out one of the School Booking Forms below to request the programs above for your class.

School Booking Form (for programs not at Frances Morrison Library)

 Frances Morrison Library Program Lottery Form

Online tools for students

To help younger kids get started finding age-appropriate eBooks and Audiobooks, take a look at Finding eBooks and Audiobooks for kids.

Additional resources

The organization United for Literacy offers homework help in person at the libraries or over Zoom. Help is offered to students in Grades 1 – 12.

Schedule Homework & Tutoring Help 

The Bookworm Bag collection contains ten books for kids 0 – 8 on a theme that you can read to your students or that they can read to themselves.

Bookworm Bags

Check out the young reader titles available in the Book Club in a Bag collection.

Young reader titles

By filling out a short form, patrons of all ages can get reading recommendations based on their interests from library employees.

Find Your Next Great Read

Check out dates and details for events and programs the library offers for patrons of all ages and abilities.

Library Events

Take a look at the Homework & Learning collection in the Digital Library.

Digital Library

The library can provide access to a wide array of STEAM-related tools and resources. These include programmable Code-and-Go Robot Mice, Code-A-Pillars and Makey-Makeys. The library also offers access to Radon Detectors and CO Detectors.

View all STEAM Kits

Make your search easier and browse common themes and topics.

View Common Searches for Kids

The library offers a variety of kits for tabletop roleplaying games, including Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. These kits contain the books, dice and guides required to play a game of Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder.

Roleplaying Game Kits