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Jul 2, 2019

We’re Bringing Back Good Readance

We’re relaunching the popular Good Readance fines relief campaign that allows patrons to get rid of library late fines simply by using the library.

The Good Readance program begins today, Jul 2 and will run until Aug 31. The campaign allows SPL cardholders to erase $2.50 in fines from their account for every 15 minutes they spend in the library ($10/hour). Patrons can occupy their time in the library doing anything, including reading, attending programs, using a public computer, spending time in an Innovation Lab or combing through the Local History archives.

The decision to reintroduce the program is consistent with our strategic plan to “reduce barriers to accessing library services”. Patrons with more than $10 in late fines have borrowing privileges suspended, and that can often serve as a deterrent for continuing to use library collections, programs and services.

To take advantage of this program, patrons can visit any location and ask service desk employees for a Good Readance card. They then simply track the time they spend using the library, and once finished, return it to a service desk employee who will reduce their fines based on how long they spend in the library.

At the end of 2015, we wiped out all late fines and held the Good Readance program for the first time last year. It was very popular, with more than 11,400 people filling out Good Readance cards and more than $59,000 in late fines waived.

This campaign cannot be used to reduce fees associated with lost of damaged items.