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Carlyle King Library open for contactless services only beginning Jun 21, 2021. Learn more about Carlyle King. All other locations are open for limited in-person services following the Reopen Plan. 

Looking for a unique way to teach your class useful skills? Check out these programs that were designed specifically for teachers and their students in Saskatoon. There’s something for all age groups and grades!

Programs for Teachers & Students

Grades 4–12 recommended
Time: 30 minutes

Get excited about reading! Students will be introduced to a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. Librarians will present reading level appropriate titles, including can’t-miss classics and new page-turners.

Curriculum Points Covered

  • Listening purposefully to understand, respond, and analyze oral information and ideas from a range of texts
  • Read independently and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of informational texts.
  • Read grade-appropriate texts to increase fluency and expression.
  • Using language to express a range of information and ideas.

Grades 7–12 recommended
Time: 30–60 minutes (depending on the number of modules chosen)

This course teaches students about finding and evaluating information online. You can tailor it to the needs of your class by selecting one or two of the 30-minute modules below.

How to Search

  • Module 1 Getting to know the libraries collection
  • Module 2 Learning databases and digital library
    Teachers can look at the digital library and pick up to three databases/resources to cover. You can repeat this module more than once with the same class if they want to cover more resources. If you don’t want to pick, librarians will default to Encyclopedia Britannica and Canadian Encyclopedia.
  • Module 3 Tailor the Presentation to Your Search Topic

How to Evaluate Online Resources

  • Module 4 What is Fake News? How to Identify Reliable Information
  • Module 5 Evaluating Social Media
  • Module 6 A Critical Look at Google/Wikipedia
  • Module 7 Tailor the Presentation to Your Search Topic

Grades K–2 recommended

This program introduces students to some new picture books, as well as fun songs and rhymes. Get in touch to have one of our librarians perform a virtual storytime for your class.

For more online programs and resources visit programs from home.

Online tools

For additional resources, check out the scavenger hunts below. They’ll teach students to get to know the digital library in a fun and exciting way. These are self-serve and are free to distribute to your classes. To help younger kids get started finding age-appropriate eBooks and Audiobooks, take a look at Finding eBooks and Audiobooks for kids.

Check out the Homework & Learning collection in the Digital Library.

Check out more games, trivia and quizzes students can enjoy.

Programs from Home


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